X5 of the best Festival Hairstyles

An effortless low pony-tail for wavy and curly hair. 

If you have straight hair and want to wear a curly look, then simply tie it back the next day, to wear it a different way. After all, I’m sure you’ll want to get your hair off your face in those hot dancing conditions! 

A sleek low bun with braids and sequins.

If you can’t go all out at a festival, where can you?! This is easy to achieve and you won’t need to be looking for a braid bar on the morning of your festival to do this one. Apply the sequins with hair product. We have some amazing Aveda products that you can rely on at your next festival.

The bubble pony!

This look is taking over the braids and is so much easier to do. Tie your hair into a ponytail, and add more hair ties further down, leaving enough space between each one.  Gently hold the hair in between each tie and gently pull either side to create the bubble look.

Loose Plaits

If your hair is straight and you’re in need of a wash and blow dry, then add some texture to disguise dull limp hair, with loose plaits coming from the front of your head. Add product to help hold this style.

The Top Knot X2 

The effortless top knot is still a huge trend for Summer 2019, but why not add maximum style with the double top knot, also known as space buns! 

Part your hair down the middle and bring your hair up to the top and twirl round into a bun and add a hair tie. Repeat on the other side and you are festival ready!

Here at Seckingtons we love to add value to your everyday hair wear and create you cut & colour styles that last with your lifestyle. For all queries about styling your hair, please ask your stylist at your next appointment.

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