What about a Malibu C Treatment for Summer Repair?

With summer around the corner, we begin to make plans with friends and family to
enjoy the sunshine. Whether you’re booking a vacation or staying in the UK to visit
beaches and waterparks, the summer is all about having fun. However, we must
make sure that we know how this affects our hair, and know what we can do to
protect and repair it.

The summer can take a toll on our hair through the change in weather, as the heat
tends to dry it out with the humid conditions, causing our hair to be more prone to
becoming frizzy. As well as this, a build-up of water, especially from pools with
chemicals including chlorine within them, this too can affect the condition of your

Here at Seckingtons, we have the answer to all of your problems. We offer an
amazing Malibu C Treatment, designed to remove chlorine, minerals and product
build-up from your hair. This treatment makes your hair feel brand new once it’s
done, and only costs £30.

Ideal for those who are regular swimmers or hitting the beach, this will help to repair
your hair from the risk of discolouration and dehydration caused by hard water. If
your hair is coloured, this treatment will help to brighten the colours again without
having to go through the dying-process again.

To get booked in, get in touch with one of our team at Seckingtons.

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