Get a facial, when you book in for your hair!

Facial’s are a great way to relax and unwind, as well as coming with amazing
benefits for your skin too. Letting a professional take care of your skin, no matter
what the problem is you have, will help to cleanse your face thoroughly, rejuvenating
your skin.

There are various methods and products that help to improve your skin texture or to
achieve a result you want – whether that’s a glow or to help hyperpigmentation.

Here at Seckingtons Hair, we use the amazing Aveda Skincare range, which is made
up of completely natural ingredients, great for all types of skin, especially sensitive.

At both of our salons in Milton Keynes and Northampton, we have three different
facials for you to choose from, with different end results to suit your skin type:

*Firming: This helps to promote your skin’s natural production of collagen to lift and
firm the skin, providing moisturise to smooth out fine lines.

*Hydrating: Our hydrating facials give your skin the hydration it deserves, adding
natural radiance to boost your face with a healthy glow.

*Calming: A calming facial reduces the visible redness and irritation on your face,
and events out any uneven skin tones.

So why not book in for a facial on your next visit at Seckingtons Hair, as all the
facials described above are just £15.

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