Don’t Know What To Use On Your Hair?

Your hair can be challenging to maintain and treat sometimes, especially if you’re in
between categories or find that different weathers brings the worst out for you. This
is why it’s so important to speak to a professional, book in a consultation, and let us
help you decide what you should be using on your hair.

Different treatments and hair routines can help to benefit you, from small things such
as switching up your shampoo and conditioner, or implementing a hair oil or
enhancer to boost your locks.

Most of our clients suffer from at least one of the following categories, so have a look
at what we recommend to suit you below:

Wanting smoother hair?
– Smooth infusion shampoo and conditioner
– Smooth infusion glossing straightener (apply small amount to towel dried hair
before drying)
This range is amazing for removing frizz from your hair, and instead adding shine
whilst protecting it against any heat styling. If you want silky smooth hair for the
Summer, then why not add these products to your routine?

For curly-heads
– BeCurly shampoo and conditioner
– BeCurly curl enhancer (apply a 10 pence amount to your hair or more if you
like your curls defined)
If you have curly hair, these products are great to remove frizz in order to define your
curls and add nourishment to stop your curls from drying out. For bouncy and curly
locks, this is a great investment.

Is your hair thinning?
– Invati shampoo and conditioner-

Invati scalp revitalizer
– Aveda Thickening tonic
The Invati range is amazing for adding fullness and thickness to hair, especially if
your hair is thinner and tends to break easily. The shampoo and conditioner, as
well as the added scalp revitalizer stimulates and promotes hair growth. The
Aveda thickening tonic adds instant thickness to all hair types too.

Want more information? Come in for a chat with our fully trained team to discover
what you should be using on your hair.

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