Combat the frizz

Do you find yourself straightening the life out of your hair to combat the frizz? The cold and damp weather certainly doesn’t help. Well, we’ve got just the thing to help you get your shine on!

Hair Trends for AW19

Big hair is back! Get your comb at the ready, section your hair and get ready to backcomb. Apply Hair Spray
to keep the hold and volume.

How to look after your hair on your Summer holiday

It is so delightful that Summer is here and we can enjoy the sunshine, whether that’s during the school holiday’s or on your next trip abroad. Whilst we all need Vitamin D for healthy skin, bones, hair and nails, we are also aware that too much sun can damage the hair.

6 Reasons why Dad’s LOVE Seckingtons

Our new Milton Keynes hair salon has the ultimate luxury salon environment. Your Dad can relax whilst a Seckingtons Stylist ensures his hair-do is perfect for that Father’s Day meal with the family.

What about a Malibu C Treatment for Summer Repair?

With summer around the corner, we begin to make plans with friends and family to enjoy the sunshine. Whether you’re booking a vacation or staying in the UK to visit beaches and waterparks, the summer is all about having fun. However, we must make sure that we know how this affects our hair, and know what we can do to protect and repair it.

Don’t Know What To Use On Your Hair?

Your hair can be challenging to maintain and treat sometimes, especially if you’re in between categories or find that different weathers brings the worst out for you. This is why it’s so important to speak to a professional, book in a consultation, and let us help you decide what you should be using on your hair.

Get a facial, when you book in for your hair!

Facial’s are a great way to relax and unwind, as well as coming with amazing benefits for your skin too. Letting a professional take care of your skin, no matter what the problem is you have, will help to cleanse your face thoroughly, rejuvenating
your skin.